Tungsten WK & Pure Tungsten Wire

T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium pure Tungsten and WK Tungsten wire.

Tungsten Wire

Tungsten is the most widely used of the refractory metals. It is essential for the production of lighting components such as wire filament, and other pieces where high temperatures exist. Among its properties is a melting point of 3410° C, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures, in addition to good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Other important applications where this wire is used includes cathode and support structures for power tubes, heating elements for high temperature furnaces and evaporation sources in metallizing processes. Thicker wire sizes that are straightened, finish-ground and cut into rod pieces are widely used for glass-to-metal seal lead parts in the lighting and electronic industries.

Tungsten Wire Types

T & D Materials produces two types of Tungsten wire – Pure and WK (K-Al-Si doped).

Pure Tungsten wire is produced in sizes above .020 inches in diameter. Typical usage is for re-straightening into rod products and for applications where there is a low alkali content requirement.

WK Tungsten wire is wire which has been doped with trace amounts of Potassium, causing the wire to exhibit an elongated interlocking grain structure with non-sag properties after recrystallization. WK wire is produced in sizes from less than .001 up to .250 inches in diameter and is used largely for lamp filament and wire filament applications.

Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

“Excellence Through Precision”

T&D Materials works relentlessly to ensure expectation-exceeding service through controlling our process end-to-end from the refining of raw materials to the highest level of purity, to delivering your completed, impeccably machined, finished goods.