Tungsten Ordinance Components

T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium, heavy Tungsten alloy and other high-density metals for ordinance components. Our motto, “Excellence through Precision,” is something we achieve each and every time we produce new products for our customers.

T&D Materials high-density Tungsten alloys and high-purity tantalum are widely used in ordinance industries around the world. The compact yet uncompromising strength found in Tungsten alloys allows us to offer the highest quality in hyper-velocity, armor-penetrating applications, fragmentation devices and kinetic penetrators. Tungsten is 1.7 times greater density than Lead and 2.4 times greater than Steel. Flexible Manufacturing techniques and additives allow us to vary properties such as elongation, ultimate tensile strength, and hardness to ensure the best possible material for your unique needs. The production capacity of T&D Materials is 550 tons per year. We take the same approach to each and every project, with precision machining, strict attention to detail, and following specifications to the letter. This leads to higher performance, and excellence, through precision.

Tungsten Penetrators

Our Tungsten is made to penetrate the most vigorous shielding to make sure that your operators are able to protect themselves from armored adversaries in the heat of combat.

Normal Density: 17.60 g/cc

T&D Materials reaches very high tensile and yield strength as 1,600MPa and above. While keeping a very high level of elongation and impact. The hardness is 35-45 HRC.

We offer:

  • Small Caliber Cores and Penetrators
  • Medium Caliber Cores and Penetrators
  • Large Caliber Cores and Penetrators
  • Tungsten Balls
  • Tungsten Cubes and Cylinders
  • Tungsten Gyroscope Technical Data
  • Tungsten Blast Rings
  • Tungsten Shaped Charge Liners
  • Frangible Ammunition and Green Bullets
  • Lead Free Frangible Projectiles
  • Tungsten alloy armour piercing bullet
  • Tungsten alloy caliber core
  • Tungsten alloy fin stabilized core
  • Tungsten alloy shot
  • Tungsten alloy Penetrator
  • Tungsten alloy Spheres
  • Tungsten alloy cubes
  • Tungsten alloy Buffer Weights for AR15
  • kinetic energy penetrator=ke weapon
    • armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot—-(APFSDS)
    • Missile wareheads for fragmentation and penetration solutions
  • anti-tank ammunition
  • high velocity armor piercing
  • ammunition from small to large caliber
  • saboted flechette
  • impact depth ammunition
  • tank ammunition
  • pre-fragmented ammunition=====pellets for pre-fragmented weapons.
  • SLAP (0.50 caliber slap, 0.308 caliber SLAP)
  • armor-penetrating
  • missile makers
  • earth penetrating weapon (EPW)//////////warhead MOP—bunker buster bomb.
  • bullet for sniper rifle.
  • guide rod for pistol
  • weight in the buffer for rifle. —counter weight.
  • Tungsten composite for training ammunition.
  • Tungsten composite for hunting.
  • penetrator bullet
  • bullet core
  • penetrating bomb.
  • M903, M962, M959, M948. SLAP Ammunition
  • sniper bullet

Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

Please submit a request a quote for complete price list.

“Excellence Through Precision”

T&D Materials works relentlessly to ensure expectation-exceeding service through controlling our process end-to-end from the refining of raw materials to the highest level of purity, to delivering your completed, impeccably machined, finished goods.