Tungsten Filament

T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium Tungsten lamp filaments, wire filaments, and other specialty components for leading lighting manufacturers.

Tungsten VM (Tungsten vacuum metallizing) is mainly used for the evaporation of aluminum and other evaporation sources. Molybdenum and Tantalum are also available.

Today’s changing lamp technology and lighting industry requirements demand new filament designs on a daily basis. There are thousands of filament designs in the marketplace that vary with respect to parameters such as basic coil type (single coil or coiled coil), bulb shape, gas fill, service life and lumen output.

Filament Styles Available:

  • Horizontal Helix
  • Z-Coil with Open or Closed Bottom
  • Z-Coil with Horizontal Legs, also Crucible Heater
  • Double Helix (can be tapered)
  • Vertical Helix
  • Vertical Conical Basket
  • Conical Basket, V-Style Legs
  • Conical Basket, Z-Style Legs
  • Conical Basket, Horizontal Legs
  • Cylindrical Basket, V-Style Legs
  • Cylindrical Basket, Z-Style Legs
  • Cylindrical Basket, Horizontal Legs
  • Open Helix
  • Closed Helix
  • Flat U Loop
  • Flat O Loop
  • Spiral Crucible Heater
  • Overwrapped Tungsten Rod
Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

“Excellence Through Precision”

T&D Materials works relentlessly to ensure expectation-exceeding service through controlling our process end-to-end from the refining of raw materials to the highest level of purity, to delivering your completed, impeccably machined, finished goods.