Rivets and Discs

    T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium Tungsten rivets and discs.

    Tungsten it is widely used in electrical contacts, such as power semiconductor devices, automobiles, motorcycles, electric horns, magnetic-motors, etc.

    Physical properties:

    Density: 19.1-19.3g/cm3

    Hardness: 74kg/mm

    Crystal grains: >9800

    Coarseness: <0.3um

    Parallel: <8D/1000

    Flatness: <5.0um

    Diameter: 1.2mm-10mm

    Tolerance: ±0.05mm

    Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

    For more information on Physical & Mechanical properties, Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.