Tungsten Electrodes for TIG Welding

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    Tungsten Inert Gas welding or TIG welding is a popular type of welding that utilizes tungsten electrodes to join various metals. Tungsten electrodes are essential to the process, as it channels the current required to establish the arc. The Tungsten Electrodes for Welding can be alloyed with a variety of metals. Different types and sizes of tungsten electrodes are used for various types of welding applications and materials. Those in the welding industry maintain different preferences based on their style and the specific application.

    T&D Materials Manufacturing is a manufacturer and supplier of premium tungsten electrodes for welding.  We supply all varieties and sizes TIG electrodes including  Thoriated (Red), Lanthanated (Blue), Ceriated (Gray), Zirconiated (White), Pure Tungsten (Green), Yttrium (Sky Blue), and Composite – Rare Earth (Purple).    

    Types Include:

    Thoriated Tungsten Electrodes for Welding from T&D Materials Manufacturing

    • Thoriated Tungsten (WT20, Red)

    Thoriated  tungsten electrodes for welding are composed of the most commonly used tungsten
    material. Thoria is low-level radioactive material but in some cases thoriated electrodes
    are a much better alternative to pure tungsten .

    Thoriated tungsten electrodes are generally used for DC applications, as they operate well
    even when overloaded with extra amperage, thus improving performance during the
    welding process.

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    • Ceriated Tungsten (WC20, Gray)

    Ceriated tungsten electrodes for welding have excellent arc performance under low current.  Because of
    the low arc current, Ceriated tungsten electrodes can be used for welding of pipe, stainless
    steel, and fine parts. Ceriated tungsten is the best substitute for Thoriated tungsten underCeriated Tungsten Electrodes for Welding from T&D Materials Manufacturing
    low DC.

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    • Lanthanated Tungsten (WL20, Blue)

    Lanthanated tungsten electrodes for welding are becoming more popular in welding because of their excellent welding performance. The electric conductivity of Lanthanated tungsten electrode is closest to that of 2% thoriated tungsten electrodes. Welders can easily replace thoriated tungsten electrodes with Lanthanated tungsten electrodes at either AC or DC. The
    radioactivity from thoriated tungsten electrodes can thus be avoided. Another advantage of
    Lanthanated tungsten electrodes is the ability to bare high current with the lowest burn loss

    Buy Lanthanated (WL20, Blue | 1/8″, 3/32″, 1/16″, 5/64″) Electrodes <– Click HereLanthanated Tungsten Electrodes for Welding from T&D Materials Manufacturing

    • Zirconiated Tungsten (White)

    Zirconiated  tungsten electrodes for welding perform well in AC welding, especially under high load
    current. These zirconiated tungsten electrodes can retain a balled end when welding, which
    results in less tungsten permeation and good corrosion resistance.

    Our technical staffs have been engaged in research and testing work and succeeded in
    solving the conflicts between zirconium contents and processing properties.

    • Yttrium Tungsten (Sky Blue)

    Yttrium tungsten electrodes for welding are mainly used in the military and aviation industries with
    narrow arc beam, high compressing strength, highest welding penetration at medium and
    high current.

    • Composite (Rare Earth) Tungsten (Purple)

    Composite Rare Earth electrodes performances can be much improved by adding two or more rare earth oxides which
    are mutually complementary.

    • Pure Tungsten (Green)

    Pure Tungsten electrodes are perfect for welding and widely used under alternating current.

    T&D Materials offers various sizes for our different tungsten electrode types that include 1/8″, 3/32″, 1/16″, 5/64″

    Custom fabrication of tungsten electrodes for your TIG welding applications is available upon customer request.

    For more information on Physical & Mechanical properties of our tungsten electrodes including Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.