Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs

    Premium Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burrs from T&D Materials


    T&D Materials manufactures and supplies the premium quality tungsten carbide rotary burrs of various types including cemented carbide blanks for carbide rotary burrs.

    The use of tungsten carbide rotary burrs is an effective way to realize mechanization in difficult work operations.  Carbide burrs can be widely used for machining iron, steel casting, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. The aerospace, ship building, automotive manufacturing, machining, and chemical industries commonly utilize rotary burrs for several applications.

    Types include type A: cylindrical carbide burrs, type B: cylindrical end cut carbide burrs, type C: cylindrical ball nose carbide burrs, type D: ball shape carbide burrs, type E: oval carbide burrs, type F: round tree carbide burrs, type G: pointed tree carbide burrs, type H: fame carbide burrs, type J: 60 degree included angle countersink carbide burrs, type K: 90 degree included angle countersink carbide burrs, type L: 14 degree included angle carbide burrs, type M: cone carbide burrs, type N: inverted cone carbide burrs, type S: flat end taper carbide burrs, and type X: disc carbide burrs. (H3)

    Our rotary burr cut types include Aluminum cut, Chip Breaker cut, Coarse cut, Fine cut, Diamond cut, and Double cut.

    Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.


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    For more information on Physical & Mechanical properties, Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.