Tungsten Carbide End Mills

    Cutting Tools for End Mills and Bore Machining

    High-Performance Tungsten Carbide End Mills

    Tungsten Carbide end mills are a type of milling cutter, a cutting tool used in industrial milling applications.  T&D Materials Manufacturing is a manufacturer and supplier of high-performance end mills.  We offer a wide variety of Tungsten Carbide cutting tools including end mills and bore machining products.  T&D is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer.  All products are sinter-HIP processed.  This process ensures complete metallurgical integrity needed in high-performance end mill.

    T&D Materials supplies coated and non-coated grade Tungsten Carbide cutting tools.  These Carbide cutting tools are excellent for end mills and bore machining applications.

    We supply coated and un-coated grade tools. Our end mills can be Gradient Structure gt-TiCN Coating,Nano Structure nc-TiAIN Coating, or High-Performance AITIN Coating.

    Different shapes and custom fabrication of end mills are available upon customer request.

    Choose your desired end mills with various material compositions and properties.

    We supply the following cutting tools:

    • Tool Nose of Cylindrical Flattened Carbide End Mill
    • R Tungsten End Mill Nose
    • Ball Nose Carbide End Mills
    • 30 Degree Helical Angle Carbide End Mills
    • 2-Teeth  Carbide End Mills for Center Milling with One Tooth Overpass the Center
    • 3-Teeth  Carbide End Mills for Center Milling with One Tooth Overpass the Center
    • 4-Teeth  Carbide End Mills for Center Milling
    • Carbide End Mills with 6 Teeth and Above not for Center Milling
    • Common Twist Drills
    • Multi-Purpose Twist Drill with Outer Cooling
    • 3-Lip Drills
    • Drills with Straight Flute
    • Straight Shank
    • Square and Straight Shank
    • Radial Feed
    • Radial, Aslant Feed Compensated with Helical Cutting
    • Precision Class for Bores Machined with Reamers
    • The Tooth-Like Angle of Taps
    • Groove Milling by  End Mills
    • Side Milling by  End Mills
    • Profile Milling by  End Mills

    For more information on the Physical & Mechanical properties of our Tungsten Carbide End Mills including Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed end mill specifications document.