Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools

    Carbide Cutting Tools for End Turning, Face Milling, End Milling, Grooving, Threading, and More.

    Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools from T&D Materials Manufacturing

    T& D Materials is a manufacturer and supplier of high-performance, premium Tungsten Carbide cutting tools for end turning tools, face milling tools, end milling tools, grooving tools, and threading tools. Our cutting tools are made from premium quality Tungsten Carbide in our ISO 9001 certified factory.  Performance and precision is our priority for all of our Carbide products.

    Our Milling tools include solid Carbide end mills including:

    • TD-PM series for high-performance general milling
    • TD-GM series for general milling
    • TD-HM series for machining high hardness steel
    • TD-AL series for machining aluminum

    Our Tungsten Carbide boring tool drilling toolsinclude:

    • SC series twist drill for machining cast iron and Al alloy
    • PC series straight flute drill for machining cast iron and Al alloy
    • 3D indexable shallow drills
    • TD series
    • Reaming tools
    • Threading cutter for cast iron and aluminum

    Custom fabrication of Carbide tools is available upon customer request.

    Please submit a request for quote to start the ordering process.

    For more information on Physical & Mechanical properties, Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances for our Carbide tools, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.