Tungsten & Molybdenum

    Vacuum Metallizing Coil

    T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium quality Tungsten and Molybdenum vacuum metallizing coil.


    • Property: high temperature melting point, high corrosion resistant
    • Specification: diameter 0.30 – 1.38mm


    • Vacuum metallizing application
    • Aluminum spraying, ceramic coating, metal, plastic, PVD
    • Glass grubbers and stirrers, for mirror making
    • E-beam, ion implantation

    Inner packing:

    • 3kg/self-coil or 1,000pcs/plastic bag

    Outer packing:

    • In cartons, wooden cases, or according to customer requirements

    Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

    For more information on physical & mechanical properties, applications, types, dimensions and tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.