Tungsten & Molybdenum

    Products for Quartz Production

    T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium quality Tungsten and Molybdenum products for Quartz glass production and Quartz material.

    Quartz glass or Quartz material is produced in special high-temperature furnaces due to the high melting temperatures (approx. 2000°C). The heart of such a furnace consists of a melting crucible, which is continually filled with Quartz sand and heated to melting temperature.

    The melting crucibles therefore consist of riveted or pressed / sintered (seamless) tubes made of Molybdenum or Tungsten or a combination of Mo/W.

    The Quartz glass tubes or rods are removed through an orifice. The heating system consists essentially of Tungsten mesh or rod heating elements. To achieve or regulate the desired dimensions, a plug and plug pole made of refractory metals are necessary in addition to the orifice plate.

    Areas of Application for Quartz Glass

    • Lighting Technology
    • Semiconductor Industry
    • Fibre-Optic Technology
    • Lichtleitertechnologie

    Areas of Application for Quartz Material:

    • Temperature Measurement
    • Foundry Industry

    We supply the followings:

    • Melting Crucibles, Orifice Plates Mandrels and Mandrel Shafts
    • Heating Elements
    • Accessories (Filling Funnels, Shields, Fastening Parts)

    Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.