Heavy Material

    Tungsten Carbide Boring Bars

    T&D Materials stocks premium quality, standard sizes of heavy material bars and solid Tungsten Carbide bars in our Broomall, PA warehouse.

    We offer a supply of rough turned with 0.020”/0.060” stock with good straightness.

    We can also supply you centerless finished rods.

    Tolerances Available:

    • 1/8”dia—7/8”dia
    • tolerance of diameter is +0”/-0.0005”
    • 1.00”dia –3.00”dia
    • tolerance of diameter is +0”/-0.001”
    • The length tolerance is +/-0.010”

    All length between 1” to 20” is available.

    High Density Tungsten Alloys Material (Heavy Metal)

    T&D produces our heavy metals as per ASTM B777-87. The density can be 17.0g/cc, 17.7g/cc, 18.0g/cc ,or 18.50g/cc. Most boring bar manufacturers need 17g/cc and 17.7g/cc materials.

    Solid Carbide Material (Tungsten Carbide)

    ISO k20, k30 (YL 10.20 grade) – other grades are also available.

    Cobalt Content: 10%

    Grain Size: 0.80um

    Density: 14.42 g/cc

    Hardness: 91.80 HRA<TRS: 4000 N/sq.mm


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    For more information on Physical & Mechanical properties, Applications, Types, Dimensions, and Tolerances, please click the link below to view or download our detailed specifications document.