Molybdenum Thermal Spraying Wire

T&D Materials manufactures and supplies premium Molybdenum wire for thermal spraying.

Spraying Molybdenum wire is used as a thin coating on the surface of automobile components subject to wear, such as piston rings, gearbox synchromesh parts, selector forks, etc. Molybdenum wire is also sprayed onto machine parts such as bearings for repair purposes.


  • Pure Molybdenum, Mo>99. 95%, impurities< 0. 05%, each element content <0. 01%


  • The weight of single wire is up to 18-25kg without any welded joint, which results in enhancing the efficiency and decreasing the operating costs.

Diameter: 3. 175mm, 2. 31mm,1.60mm and 1. 45mm

Tolerance: 3. 175mm + / -0. 025mm or + 0 / -0. 05mm

  • 2. 3mm–1. 45mm + / -0. 02mm + 0 / -0. 05mm

Tensile strength:

  • >700-900N / mm2


  • >5%

Custom fabrication is available upon request..

“Excellence Through Precision”

T&D Materials works relentlessly to ensure expectation-exceeding service through controlling our process end-to-end from the refining of raw materials to the highest level of purity, to delivering your completed, impeccably machined, finished goods.