Cemented Tungsten Carbide Gun Drill Products

T&D Materials Manufacturing supplies premium quality cemented Tungsten Carbide gun drill products. Products include Tungsten Carbide single flute gun drills and clamping sleeves.

T&D maintains expert knowledge in gun drill structure, single flute gun drill grinding angles, parameters of the commonly used single blade gun drills, and gun drilling machine cooling lubricant and flow. We manufacture our gun drills using parameters, analysis, and problem solving to ensure the highest quality and precision in the industry.

As an exporter with rich trading experience, we can also assist our clients with purchasing additional gun drill products and accessories, such as gun drilling machines, gun drill grinding machines, oil spray pump kits, drill guides, gun drilling oil, rubber sleeves, BTA drill heads, buttons, and USA CRATEX abrasives, just to name a few.

Custom fabrication is available upon customer request.

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