Cemented Carbide Anvil & Cylinder

Synthetic Diamond Manufacturing

T&D Materials Manufacturing supplies premium quality cemented Tungsten Carbide dies, punches, anvils, and back-up blocks to your dimensional specifications. Presses operating at pressures up to one million psi stretch the basic mechanical properties of Tungsten Carbide materials.

T&D Materials’ anvils and cylinders are widely used in the field of artificial diamond powder. All of these products work under 60,000 MPa (megapascal) pressure. T&D ensures each unit we provide is of the highest quality, completely finished and as sintered. Through our process of advanced pressing, sintering technology and HIP, our product is flawless, void of pores and cracks. T&D is ready and able to accommodate customized orders to produce unusual grades and sizes based upon customers’ special requests and requirements for using conditions.