T&D Materials Manufacturing is a vertical integrated manufacturing company of high-density metals. We are proud to say that we are going on 30 years in providing quality products and excellent customer service to our customers. We specialize in manufacturing Tungsten, Molybdenum, and Tantalum parts to our client’s exact specifications. We handle it all, from refining of the raw materials, to delivering your completely machined, high purity, finished parts.

We are an international company with a global reach but are very proud to be headquartered in Broomall, Pennsylvania. At our home office you will find our highly trained project managers, who also serve as our sales professionals. We are an original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and our product is essentially the service of making sure your parts are precise and on time. Because of this, our project managers are our best sales people. You have one point of contact that is current on every aspect of your project.

T&D Materials is ISO 9001 certified in design, manufacturing, and machining of every metal we produce. This assures you that you are getting the highest quality product. We stand by this and take it very serious. Our motto is, “Excellence through Precision”.

We own over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities. You are truly buying at factory direct pricing when you choose us. We can pretty much beat any competitors pricing and allow you 30 day terms from the time that your finished product hits your door.

  • ISO 9001 Certified OEM

    Serving our customers for close to 30 years when they need custom made parts, to their exact specification.

  • Specializing in High-Denisty Materials

    We are experts in manufacturing parts with;

    Tungsten – Tungsten-Alloys- Tungsten-Carbide



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    T & D guarantees our parts. Clients do not pay until the approved part is in their hand.


Global Reach

We are proud to be headquartered in Broomall, PA .,U.S.A. In the specialty metals industry it is imperative to be close to the raw material to ensure responsible supply chain management. We get the question all the time if we can guarantee supply and our answer is YES! With facilities in Canada, China, and The United States, our Global Reach is an important value add we provide to our clients. 



ISO 9001 Certified Tungsten OEM

ISO 9001 Certified in design,manufacturing, and machining of Tungsten, Tungsten-Alloys, Tungsten-Carbide,Molybdenum and Tantalum.

Vertically Integrated OEM

We handle every step of our manufacturing process. From processing the raw material to shipping the final machined part,everything is done, “In-House” at our 200,000 + sq.feet facility. This allows us to guarantee our parts and offer true FACTORY DIRECT pricing to our valued customers. Join our family, call today!